What do you do with Carseats you have outgrown or have expired? You take advantage of trade in events.

Luckily there is a trade in event happening in September. Target is the only retailer doing a Car Seat Trade in this year so these are the dates you need to know.

When you bring your car seat to Guest Services, you’ll get a coupon for 20% off a new car seat, stroller or select baby gear. Their trade in event is from September 13th-26th, 2020 in all stores. Specific info can be found here. 

So if you have an old car seat, or two, you can go in and grab the coupon, through your Target App to get a discount on that much needed upgraded car seat, booster seat or other baby gear. Or pass on your old car seats to someone who might need that 20% off on new gear for a new little one coming their way.

Make sure you share this info with all of your friends who have or may have old carseats sitting in their storage. It can help you get a jump on your holiday shopping.