Have you heard about the Lego Life Magazine? Let me tell you all about this fun, FREE magazine for kids!

This fun magazine is first of all FREE! You can’t beat free. Then, it comes 4 times at year (minimum but this year we got two extra smaller issues) and it full of games, puzzles, mazes, comics and a mini poster in each issue!

Doesn’t that sound amazing? We look forward to getting and doing the mini builds that come with it and see what other kids are building too. It isn’t just a catalog to get you to buy more legos…it really is fun.

No matter what style of lego your kid likes, from Lego City to Ninjago to Friends…they are all represented.

You can sign up for free RIGHT NOW!!

Get The FREE LEGO® Life Magazine! LEGO® Life Magazine is super-fun for kids 5-10 years old. It’s packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. All delivered right to your door 4 times a year.